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DEM Introduction
·It is the essence of the Vedas, the Upanishads the teachings of 
great sages,Prophets, Religious holy books and religions.
·       It is combination of Ancient wisdom and modern science.   
    Swamy Vivevakananda
·       Swami Vivekananda expressed “Each soul is potentially divine.
   The goal of life is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature,
    internal and external”. 
   Man is a store house of energy
·         Man is an integral part of Divinity,
     all divine powers are hidden in the human soul in seed form.
·                              Human soul is a store house of supreme knowledge, wisdom,
    and extraordinary powers, specific energies lie hidden in the glands.

   Sun is the fountain of Prana Shakthi   

Ø       The Sun is the fountain source of strength, vitality, The sun generates vital force or prana shakthi .
Ø      There is a greater change in nature’s energy. At the time of sunrise and sunset whole environment gets charged with positive source of energy and we should make the best use of this positive energy.   
    Divine pranic energy – shat Chakras, sushumna
Ø      Sun can activate the body chakras or power points. The omnipotent sun’s presence can change, arrange, reduce, remove imbalances and organize the chemical, bio-chemical,
    bio-electrical and bio-magnetic powers in living beings. Sunlight has greater therapeutic value.
Ø       Divine pranic energy is released at the time of sunrise and sunset.
Ø      Ancient yogis and modern scientist also explained that our body has so many energy centers or SHATCHAKRAS which have internally potential divine energy.
   Through the PRANAKARSHANA KRIYA we can receive sun’s divine pranic energy by breathing.
It activates our inner energy centers and chakras.
Ø      The observence of DEM activates the network of nerves in the body and stimulates specific glands. No sooner do they get stimulated the vibrations of resulting in a DEM  symphony are created which spreads in the ether, takes a round of the entire universe and comes  back to the source with its energy augmented manifold, capable of fulfilling the desired purpose.
Ø Emotions first arise in human mind and when the mind concentrates on such emotions a magnetic field is created which attracks the desired elements from the atmosphere.
ü    This is the science of meditation
Ø    It should be started exactly at either sunrise or at sunset. Twilight is the best. ancient vedic times were not used to take food during that time.  They used to energize themselves with sunsrays. When inner divine energy is activated it easily leads to deep meditation i.e., turiyastiti, Alfa stage or subconscious stage, which had reached our Ancient Sages during the tapas, i.e., sadhana.
Ø Divine pranic energy is the link between the physical and the astral bodies. It is the universal principle of energy and vital source.Sadhakas get strength, vigor, vitality and exhileration of spirits.
Ø      If you can control the breath or prana, the mind is also easily controlled.
Ø      Sit in any meditative posture and keep your spine and neck erect perfectly vertical to the ground.
Ø      The divine pranic Energy does not merely depend on inhalation and exhalation of air. Firm belief and feeling also serve the person of getting divine pranic energy.
Ø      The more the feeling and belief we have, the more the result in getting  divine pranic energy. 
Ø      Close the eyes and relax the shoulders and the whole body completely. Inhale through both the nostrils as much as you can.  Draw the air in through both the nostrils breath in.
Ø      You should feel that great divine pranic energy is entering now with inhalation.
Ø      Retain it as long as you can.  Retain the breath and hold it.
Ø      During the holding (Kumbakam). The Divine pranic energy reaches and recharges all minute parts of the body to become active in this process.
Ø      And then exhale as much as you can breath out.
Ø      During the exhalation (Rechakam) the sadhak should feel that ill health, Ignorance and negative thoughts are  sent out.
Ø      Then hold retained breath as long as you can
Ø       The feeling that these negative thoughts ill health..etc.. have no chance to enter any more inside during the (Bahyakumbakam) outer holding, should continue.Repeat this process.  This will constitute one round Do every day five rounds to ten rounds gradually.
Ø      Sit in any comfortable meditative posture feeling completely relax.Close your eyes and start
Ø      Watch the breath very carefully and you will know this:     When you inhale the breath, The sound ‘so’ is produced.
     When you exhale ‘Ham’ is produced.
Ø      This is termed Ajapa – mantra, or Ajapa Gayathri
Ø      Because this is done without moving the Lips along with the breath.
Ø      Repeat ‘so’ mentally when you inhale. ‘Ham’ mentally when you exhale.So-Ham is the breath of Life. If you concentrate on the breath. You will notice that the breath is gradually becoming very very slow. When concentration becomes deep gradually the repetation of  ‘so-Ham’ will drop.When there is deep concentration the mind will become very calm.
      If you can control the breath, the mind is also easily controlled. 
‘SO- HAMS means I AM HE. You are unconsciously repeating ‘SOHAM’
21,600 times daily at the rate of 15 ‘SOHAMS’ per minute.  Associate the ideas of Existence, Knowledge, Bliss, Absolute, Purity, Peace, Perfection.  Love, etc., along with SOHAM.

And what Patanajali Maharshi explained
|| Yogaha Chitta Uruthi Nirodhaha||
Ø      “Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff from taking various forms”.
Ø      When you cannot handle your mind directly, along with‘ So- Ham’ you can control and handle the mind. Don’t control and follow the thoughts and distractions just observed it. Consciously observe it. Observe original nature as a Sakshi (witness). don’t involve with any distractions.
    Divine Energy Meditation – Uses
Ø      The purification of the body and mind makes worldly life happy and peaceful.
Ø      Wisdom, virtuousness’ and divine energy are  infused in him. In proportion to the efficacy of sadhana , wisdom, purity and peace  increase within his mind and body.The sadhak in due course, becomes a store of divine light  and energy.
 PRANAKARSHANA KRIYA is perfect control of inner vital forces. Automatically it has its impact on body, mind, thought and environment also. We can easily get complete health which reduces mental physical illness.  DEM sadhana (Practice) thus becomes a spiritual as well as a material boon for the SADHAK (Practitioner).

Ø      There are 5s-Principles to be followed in getting Divine Energy by meditation. These five principles are to be followed daily in the practice of divine energy meditation. The base is Five Elements and Five senses to our individual to reach the fruitful life.
Ø      These are the essence of Vedas, Upanishads, teaching of great sages, Prophets, Religions and Religious Holly books.
Ø      (One’s own occupation / duty / path)
Ø      Those who perform their duty swadharma, or doubly blessed ,Remember that divinity is present in every one
Ø      Observe your mental attitude and do your destined duties selflessly;  Always think of the Divinity in you. Don’t try to follow other dharma. Swadharma is far superior to Paradharma.
Ø      Swadharma will lead you to the true state and mould your character in the right direction. Due to this, your intelligence will sharpen and you will get steadiness.
Ø      Do your duty, to the best of your abilities, for the Lord without any selfish motive and remember God at all times-before starting a work and at while in active work of the completion of the task.
                        Bhagavad Gita
Ø      One’s real success is accepting swadharma, doing with Trikarna  Suddhi [manasa, vacha, Karmana] with mind, word and act. Living every moment totally with depth.
this is the skill of Living, the Art of living.
Bhagavad Gita explaines:- 
         SWAKARMA CHARANA i.e., performing of one’s own duty.

Ø      Better is one’s own duty, through devoid of merit, than the duty of another  however well performed.                                              [III-35]
Ø      Keenly devoted to his own natural duty, man attains the highest perfection in the shape of God -Realization.                               [18-45]
Ø      Your right is to work only, but never to the fruit thereof. Be not instrumental in making your actions bear fruit, nor let your attachment be to inaction.                                                                                [II-47]
Ø      Do your duty, to the best of your abilities. Be 100 percent, attached to your work completely during the day. Your right is to work only. Think that SWADHARMA is a superior to PARADHARMA. Always think of the divinity in you. Do your work with THRIKARANASUDDHI, with purity of mind word and deed.
(Company of good persons)
Ø      Whatever Qualities a man many possess, he ca not make proper use of them if he lacks company of good people.  Through the SATSANGAM (Company of good people), one can develop good qualities, good thoughts, good feelings and do good deeds and thereby transform his human nature into divine nature.
Ø      Love is the basis of all other human qualities, like TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE. If the four Qualities of, SATHYA, DHARMA, SHANTHI, AND PREMA are Present in a Person, he will manifest  the Divinity that is in him.
Ø      Make friendship and relation with company of good people. Always associate with the good and the wise, they will help you to lead righteous life. Attend ‘SATSANGAM’ programmes where bhajans, spiritual discourses, discussions yoga and meditation classes are arrange. Always interact with good people and make  friendship with them. 
 3. SEVA
Ø      Service leads to the dynamic experience of heart.  It creates a sense of belongingness.  Lack of service can land a person in depression. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.  Pain is physical, suffering is mental,       if you are not sensitive to others’ pain, then you are not a human being.
Ø      Service without spirituality will be shallow, and can not be sustained for a long period.
Ø      Seva brings merit; merit allows you to get complete peace and happiness of life.
             “Manavaseva – Madhavaseva”
Ø      “Service to humanity is equivalent to service to God”.
Ø      Engage yourselves in service activity consider social service is service to God. This is the best way to earn God’ Love. Love all and serve all.

Ø      Devote yourself at weekends or at your convenient time (one or two hours) to the  service of old age people, orphans, mental or physically handicapped, and poor or needy persons.
Ø      Before going to bed every one (you) should. Recall the days activities from morning till you go to  bed.  Estimate whether your deeds are correct or not. The incorrect deeds should not be repeated.  Be thankful to God for your good deeds. 
Ø      Pray the God to shower His blessing on you to lead the next day with great spiritual aspirations and then go to sleep.
Ø      Take deep breath three times when you wakeup from the bed & get relief.  Think that you are going to start the new life.  This day is meant for you for doing the activities in a great way.  Think that yesterday’s wrong deeds should not be repeated again.
Ø      Plan your day activities before going to start overlook the dangerous things which will make you land in trouble, & be ready to face & solve them Pray the God with cheerful face for blessing. Open your eyes peacefully & get-up from the bed with energetic self confidence that you are going to start the day with the new hope.
Ø      You should practice this self quest activity as an exercise daily to achieve the eternal bliss , peace and Energy enhancement.
Ø      Before going to sleep  think of your activities from morning  till that time and evaluate whether they are correct or not?. Did you fulfill your duty 100 percent?. Is this day is fruitful or not?. Ask yourself answer them (your questions). Plan to do the next day activities in a great way.  You Should not repeat yesterday’s mistakes or wrong deeds.
                                   (CHARITY, GENEROSITY)
Ø      Give charity as a matter of duty to deserving candidates, without any expectation in the mode of passion, people.
Ø      The possession of wealth is acceptable when it is used to help others, and not for the gain of power, Dana brings good karma for the giver.
Ø      Giving daana leads to a better rebirth in happy state and material wealth.
Ø      Alternatively, lack of giving leads to an unhappy state and poverty.
Ø      DAANA (or) charity is recommended as a highly effective remedy for a lot of troubles.
Ø      The act of giving becomes a joy and not a compulsion.
Ø      One must give according to one’s Capacity.
Ø      The donor must have a proper attitude SHRADDHA (with deep respect, sincere trust and dignity).  Any act of charity done without SHRADDHA becomes meaningless.
The Donor must not consider himself superior to the recipient.
                   Swamy Vivekananda Says
    "We must feel grateful that some one is giving us the opportunity to share our resources or knowledge.  It is the      The donor must look upon the recipient as God himself in human form and perform charity with great humility”.
   Donating something for serving to the society and participating in the spiritual activities is the duty of every human being”. 

This is what religious books say 
Ø      “Every body should contribute something (atleast a little pot) from their income.”                                                                           --- RIGVEDA
Ø       “10% of the income should be donated from the property” 

Ø      Each Muslim must donate 2.5 percent of the  amount  from  the  income   in   the   form  of  ‘  JAKAATH ‘ .                                ---Kuran   
Ø      A Seed Will Become A Big Tree if it is sowed in a fertile land, in the same way the money should be used truthfully if it is utilized in spiritual activities.

Ø      Give charity DHANA from your income, 3 to 5 percent to orphan school, oldage home, physical or mentally, handicapped service homes, poor or needy persons, social service organizations or spiritual organizations.
                            EACH ONE TEACH TEN
Ø      Every divine energy meditater should teach ten persons
    and they  in turn each one teach ten people.   
        You should guide, assist and inspire them.

    OM   SHANTI….SHANTI…..SHANTIHI…..     May there be peace for the universe, for the people and for ourselves.................................!!!!

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